Reviews for "Space Jerks : Episode 1"


this was funny even though it wasnt very long i thought how you told parts of the story were very cool like when you had that name tag and then filled in the name i cant wait for more episodes

keep it up

nice man,, made me laugh. Try to put more funny stuff and plot for each episode. waiting for sequel!

I love It

Dude, this is great. I love it. You're quite talented, keep up the good work!


Awesome, very awesome man! I can't wait until episode 2!

High Points:
Sound - Very clean, crisp sound
Story - Interesting and fun
Animation - Very smooth!

Low Points:
Too short! ahhh!!

I liked it

Its was very odd but very funny as well and it went on from being funny to haveing an intresting plot, keep this kind of thing flowing and you will go far.