Reviews for "Space Jerks : Episode 1"

I liked it

Its was very odd but very funny as well and it went on from being funny to haveing an intresting plot, keep this kind of thing flowing and you will go far.


This looks really cool, i like your character, he seems chillin' and i defenately enjoyed every second of the audio, I really want to see more from this, and you. Totally Cool man ^_^

Did you do the sound?

I more than likely think you got the sound clip from somewhere else and animated to it. Did you do the audio for this flash?

I especially like the beginning how the opening credits rolled up. It kept me wanting to see what happens next because of the excellent quality. Your animation was excellent, the audio was excellent, the story was excellent. Good job! Hope to see more.

Jayboy75 responds:

By the sound, do you mean the voices or the music? The voices I all recorded in my studio at home, and the music is a piece by Rellik, who does all the music for the entire series, including the theme and closing credits. I actually had finished the episode, then decided it needed more musically, so I took a piece he wrote called "Rebel" and edited the music to fit into the episode. Thanks for the questions, hope you like the new ones to come! (Next one comes out this Saturday)


Awesome, very awesome man! I can't wait until episode 2!

High Points:
Sound - Very clean, crisp sound
Story - Interesting and fun
Animation - Very smooth!

Low Points:
Too short! ahhh!!