Reviews for "Space Jerks : Episode 1"

keep it up

nice man,, made me laugh. Try to put more funny stuff and plot for each episode. waiting for sequel!


this was funny even though it wasnt very long i thought how you told parts of the story were very cool like when you had that name tag and then filled in the name i cant wait for more episodes

Looking for it

Man, you gotta make the series out of this, it is gonna be DA BOMB!


gave me a few laughs. Um... nothing really to suggest. You COULD make it into a series... but, who knows. Wanna see the next episode tho. Keep it up. NoSoup: OUT


This was really WOW great!!!
I am truly lookin' forward to the rest of the story!
you definatly belong on the portal!!
your voice/sound was great ... however can you add subtitles in future submissions???
1 more time .... WOW!!!