Reviews for "Space Jerks : Episode 1"

I love It

Dude, this is great. I love it. You're quite talented, keep up the good work!


You have a good handle on animating and your introduction credit style was nice. Although the deadpan voice acting was for humor It seemed tired. I was not really drawn by this one but I will watch the others to see how it progresses.

Cool Makes me want to watch more

I ma now hanging for the next epp.


The music in the beggining...That was chrono trigger...Either that or it sounded so much alike that someone like me would mistake it...but...that was a chrono trigger song remixed....i like you for that...Nice movie

Nice job man...

I liked it very much. It was really kool and the story was awsome but i just so sad that...

he got shitted out of a space dragon. lol