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Reviews for "FBF Randomness"

fbf rules

this rocks!! i have a question tho.... i really like that song by frontier but i dont know how to get just the song-- please answer i want that song

n00b-l0s3r responds:

Go grab a copy of RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.

1. It has the song.
2. Chris Sawyer rocks.
3. Frontier rocks.
4. Roller coasters rock.
5. I like colors.
6. The Peeps are very cute.
7. Ummm, that's... all.

Ciao. More FBF Randomness soon!

Because you mentioned yourself

It's getting reviews because you've mentioned your FBF'S in a newer FBF flash. By the way, it is still on top of all the other reviews. You were the most recent person to review. Well now anyway. It may not be that way by the time you get this. oh well. Great FBF.

n00b-l0s3r responds:

Oh OK... didn't really realize that.

I'm not surprised though... I just want to advertise my work (not boasting).

Thanks for the comment. Piconjo loves you.

Very good

That was a good flash. Keep up the good work!

n00b-l0s3r responds:

Thank you! Wonder why this movie is getting reviews again.


it told me to vote 5! so i did!

n00b-l0s3r responds:

Wait... you actually voted 5? OMFG!!! The movie was just a little playful. I still aprreciate your voting 5 if that was really for an appreciative reason.

Extremely impressive.

Damn this thing needs to go on the front page!!!!!!

n00b-l0s3r responds:

OMG I don't think so. This is just an average animation. I never knew you'd be that impressed. Thanks for the opinion!