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Reviews for "LL - The Magical Cup"


THis was one of the best flash I have seen. this was awesome

Gregosan responds:

Best? Haha, you haven't see the rest of NG yet. Thanks.

GOD that was cool

Preety good flash ....but was it necesary to use music from my country.........ur the best water

OMG NUMA NUMA ALARM!!!!!111!!!!!!1!!!!!!

taht was funny

That was great. It made me lol!

The graphics were good, but maybe change the style to a more personal one rather than using the typical lock movie style.

The music used was comedy genius. The Numa Numa alarm cracked me up, and randomly throwing in Gay Bar, excellent.

Gregosan responds:

Thank you very much.

Hah. I love that kind of humor.

Keep it up!

Gregosan responds:

I will. Thanks.