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Reviews for "A Chain Reaction Game"


Can anyone beat that?

Glaiel-Gamer responds:


I didnt really like it...

I wouldn't consider this a good game. (Everyone please don't flame me ;_;)
You did good in trying to keep the game simple. Simple games turned into advanced monstrosities with buttons everywhere turn bad. Thats why sequels suck a lot.
Anyways, I would consider this more of a toy than a game. The game is basically click on a dot and watch it explode then hope that more will randomly come by and keep the flame burning. It doesn't have any technique or skill required. You cannot learn from your mistakes to get a higher score, all you do is sit there and hope that you are lucky. Maybe its just me because I don't like luck-based games, but it still isn't a really good or addicting game.

Everyone is right-- It's addictive.

But not very much so-- I quit after five minutes. I suspect that one reason was the lack of quality soundtrack... And the lack of quality whatsoever. Let's see.... I'm not trying to be evil... o.O But I must admit the game gets a little monotonous after a while.... I can understand that this sort of engine must have been sort of hard to program, but like others say, a little more interactivity is in order. You see, I can tell you are trying to principalize in "addictiveness", but understand that some people search the "50 most recent submissions" for a genuine "you do it" kind of game. This was simply pressing an invisible play button and watching a movie play out. I just wan't quite impressed. ^_^;;

(Oh yeah and for all you CHEATERS OUT THERE you can cheat if you have a slow computer on the "atoms" setting because the explosions happen slower but the atoms move at the same rate).



Too similar to that other game, chaos destruction or something, only that one was fresh and new, this is just a slightly improved rip-off.
I know you can do better than that


To be honest with you, this is a fairly boring game. Yes it is very simplistic, but after starting two chain reactions, I didn't feel that I ever had to play this again.

Graphics were decent enough, with the alternate tile sets for explosions being somewhat interesting. Still, this is overall a dissapointment.