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Reviews for "A Chain Reaction Game"

Not Bad

Culd use some work, but still a fairly addicting game, good job

So close...

My best score was 199...so close :(

loved it!

im not gonna give u my score, bcoz i thought iwopuld give u aq proper review!

i reely liked this game, and ive been stuck in front of it for a while now just playing away! the simplicity is awesome and its just a very relaxing game! it shouldnt be changed bcoz its perfectthe way it is

nice job!

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

proper review = english

SIMPLICITY may be the key, but...

Simple isnt always good. Sometimes I want a game where I need to think about whats going to happen depending on what I do. This was a game I played for 3 min. Its not that addictive... It gets boring, even if you think simple is good. Simple is not always good for everyone, and last time I checked you didnt decide that it was.


Quite amusing at parts, this is a decent game, why not release a sequal?