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Reviews for "A Chain Reaction Game"


One thing, you should make the explosions fire in directions, so when it hits it creates a plume effect, but like a reversed cone.

Basicly it would be like if the dots didn't combust all at once, so they were pushed back from the fire, and oxidate less and less as they fly away

like this
} is first explosion

ha ...........849!

thats a very addictive game you have here.......it just might replace my crack diet!

no offense but

i think that if u had more levels and u went around and u had to make a chain a certain amount it would be much cooler=)


^^Good Points^^
You were right, this game is pretty addictive. I liked how i was given the option of whether I wanted sound effects or music to be on. The interface is really quite nice. Another neat feature is the different types of objects you can have explode. The new options aside from the original are neat!

^^Needs Improving^^
You should have one key to control the entire game. It was annoying having to go between the enter and space bar keys to restart the game, but I guess that's just being a little bit picky.


My highest score was 617...fun game and really addicting lol at least for me..( amused by small things...lol)