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Reviews for "The Fallen"

OK so this is like the best piece you ever made ;P I love the lightng and I really dig your designs, its really awesome when you paint with a strory in your mind (I belive that is what all pros do). There is just one thing I dont like in your paintings - all edges are so sharp, it makes it just too busy. Try to google - lost/soft edges, it might help you a lot ;).

Syringes responds:

Thank you, I appreciate the help. I definitely know what youre talking about though, to me, I felt like the lighting worked, I could be wrong. I feel like if the edges are too soft, the figure is lost. Unless you meant specific spots that were too sharp? Because you make it sound like all of it needs to be softened, which I believe would lose the actual character. Sorry if I misunderstood.

Amazing work...!! I love everything about this piece; the balance, dynamic lighting, pose, character design, the sense of tension.. It all turned out awesome.

Consider yourself followed! :)

Syringes responds:

Yay \^u^/

Thank you! I am very happy with such positive feedback. :*D

This concept it great. Everything from the design, lighting, texture, contrast. It looks very professional. Keep up the good work! (:

Syringes responds:

Thank you! Professional is definitely where I am headed. :D

The coloration and the pose of the figure is one of those wow moments; you've created a nice sense of balance and contrast in the way way you've presented things, creating the sense of her in motion, the camera zooming ahead to see what she sees. Your character also creates as much wonder as she does fear. You should definitely work on creating a background for her, for more meaning, and find a way to use her again in some way.

Syringes responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I dont think I could have ever worded it as good as you did. This is one of my favorite parts about being an artist. :3

I also plan to further develop her, I have been thinking of her back story, the reason for her blindness, and such, so I may submit more of her. :D

now here is an interesting composition. why did she leave so much negative space? cuz she's a boss that's why.

Syringes responds:

Im glad the empty space doesnt annoy anyone! I wasnt sure if I wanted it there or not, but once it was finished I thought it looked better with it.

Also, I cant edit my Author Comments for some reason, so Ill say it now. Thank you for the front page!! I am very VERY happy this made it there. Thank you!