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Reviews for "Playing With Destiny"


Kinda has a running in the surf feel to it. A man and woman chase each other around in the surf without a care in the world.......... Thats what I get out of this. Good job.

combatplayer responds:

this track have allot of different impretions on people^^ its as if the track transforms into whatever the listener wants it to be. im kindof proud of it really =P

some feals its sad and gets touched, some hears it as a happy tune and some hear it in other totaly different ways too

thanks for your review ^^


i count as 3.11 votes so hope it helps

combatplayer responds:

o_O thanks dude.... how the heck did u get that much of a voting power xD


This is mad epic dude

The thing that really jumps out at me is the whole feeling of the song
Its sad, yet uplifting

If it was in a movie it would be around the part where the hero is coming back from unimaginable odds

combatplayer responds:

^_~ glad u like it

thanks for the review.. if i ever have the inspiration (and time =_=) then ill try making a little movie for it.. might first be when i get to remix it some day tho xD

Time to bump this one UP

As F-777 said, this wrapped me up too, and it's not hard to see why he faved it. not many pieces make me start to tear up anymore, but this one did.

combatplayer responds:

wow.. im glad to have made some impact on people ^^

thanks allot for ur review and uplifting words^^

Amazing my friend.

This is absolutely amazing, really nice job on this one.

Amazing deep piano wok, and the delayed drums are awesome too, i've always been facinated by your delay and reverb work. And this is no exception.
Amazing job my friend.


combatplayer responds:

thanks for a great review :P

a good thing when u make a piano track like this is to record it live. that gives so much more depth. and if u should be intrested we could try doing a collab some time? have known for a while after all n we havent dont a collab yet.. let me know if its something u could want to do :P

the delay on the bass kick on this track is put in manualy in the sequencer btw. lol. again thanks for the review..