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Reviews for "Playing With Destiny"


Good song feel like i ready for the big fight.......And no looking back....

combatplayer responds:

lol nice.. thanks ^^


Sounds like a song you would play at the end of a game.

combatplayer responds:

i cant make games tho so ill let others do that =P

thanks for the review.


Very nice!
I could picture this in a Final Fantasy Film or something, it's very well done, and a masterpiece if I do say so myself. It's genius, and sounds great.
The pitches and scales played are all perfect, I enjoy this piece a ton, very well done!

combatplayer responds:

thanks allot =D really..!

normaly i like a review with sugestions to improvement but i have to admit i love them even more when they point out that theres nothing to improve =D

thanks for your review m8 =D

show stopper

This song stopped me in my tracks while i was being frantic trying to get ready for the hectic time i will have tonight. Really put things on slow-mo for me.

I do have one question, I have listened to alot of the music on here...what program or equipment are you guys using to make all this music?

combatplayer responds:

is that a good thing? xD

and to the question. im using Fruity Loops as host program and i think most of the ppl in her do so. there's ppl who use other software too tho. but i havent memoriced the names of all those. if you ask cus ur intrested in trying then download the demo of FL. its a full featured demo and u can even save your projects.. but you have to buy the program before u can continue with them. costs 300$ for a downloadable vertion with free updates the rest of your life.


This song should take bump down the Top 50 list, you deserve to be on there. This song also doesn't deserve 5th or 6th place in the ambient section, you were the first song I noticed because you weren't submitted yesterday.

this song impressed me. downloaded!

combatplayer responds:


thanks man... it seems its ben fighting its way back up =P when i first uploaded it i started out with a tripple zero or something like that.. so its ben a long hard recovering ^_^ (not the big fan of reuploading)

thanks for the review.