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Reviews for "The Doom Project"

what is the name of the song?

What is the name of the song during the main movie because i´ve never heard it anywhere else.Oh yes,This Collab is great :)


2 arms! ...did anyone else get that joke? was it even a joke?


DUDE, YOU DID A GREAT JOB AT THIS! What, really caught my attention, is the first person view scene of Smiffy's. The view is awesome, the darkness was good, and it was scary at the same time! THIS IS THE PERFECT DOOM FLASH I EVER SEEN IN NEWGROUNDS! Please, I would like for you to make a sequel if you can, because, this is OVER THE UAC BASE ROOFTOP and GOES FLYING FROM THE SKY'S OF HELL, AWESOME!! Come on, please? I want a sequel, I want a cyberdemon's blood vessel, I want Demon's teeth, I WANT A BFG 9000!!! Please, I want a sequel, just as bad as I want these Doom items!

Good song

I remember watching this when it was on the front page nearly 6 years ago. All I remember about it is the song which is super catchy :D

love artwork & music

great project, brings back memories &
Doom is awesome : )