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Reviews for "The Doom Project"

OMG SOOOO AWSOME. at first a knew thre were 3 secrets( this was before i hade a ng account)
so my first one was the they might be giants. my second one was the transparent mask ( i didnt know that was a easter egg) then i found the bullet one... but i pressed and nothing. i tryed it again and i stoped trying. i saw it on utube ( :) and found it. after that i forgot about ng. for a YEAR.
and then some one remmended me about maddness. so i played my favorite maddnes
on ng. then i compleated it and thought hey, i should make a ng accout for meadls and other stuff.
so i did. a cople mouths later i thoght about the doom project. i rated it five before i even stared waching it. some one breathed on my neck just now... some just taped my sholder... NO BODY THERE. OK i want to get this over with cause i think slender man is right behined me. now i here wishpering in my ear. THIS IS FREAKING CREEPY. if i die right now, this was made on
december 2012 18 day. at 4:47

Awesome good game


Definitely one of my favorite games of all time. Great tribute. I must say I loved Serge's one the most. When Doomguy kicks some Baron of Hell and Cyberdemon ass. Oh, and there's also an easter egg there, I noticed. If you hover over his helmet when he's looking left-right with his eyes, his helmet will become very transparent and you can see his face.


lol i found the easter egg of da eyeball song