Reviews for "Groove Pong"

way trippy man

this is way cool i loved the flashy lights but you cant win try making it so you can but still way cool


No different from regular pong? That was a lot better than regular pong! In pong, it's just a square dot going back and forth but this made it better with music, a background with great colors, and an actual dot! Good work!


Make it so you can win... It was quite good though actually.


That was the grooviest thing I've ever seen man

Chronis, you're a fucking idiot

Yes, PONG is why there were so many tree huggers... PONG is why people protested the Vietnam War and marched for civil rights. All because of pong. I'm sure Dr. Martin Luther King played countless hours of pong in between his marches. Your parents must be proud.

As for the game, I liked the graphics and definitely the music. There's no way to win though. Was that the point, just to groove with the music? Anyway, I suggest making the ball go faster with each hit.