Reviews for "Groove Pong"

well its a pong clone i made one my self
nice theme


Just like every other pong game.

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
This was an interesting rendition of pong. The funky theme was pretty unique and refreshing. You definitely carried the theme well throughout the game.

^^Needs Improving^^
Too hard and too easy at the same time. The ball never changes speed, and you can't provoke a change in angle, so it's really impossible for the cpu to miss, and if you miss when playing, then you are really bad at pong. Ball needs to change speed or something.


Make it so you can win... It was quite good though actually.


This game is programmed to follow the ball. I can tell. It was a good game but very difficult because the computer would always get to the ball unless it was in a corner (how i actually won). I suggest making the ball go faster each time it i hit and keep the computer moving at a constant speed so it has a harder time following it.

Good game though.