Reviews for "Groove Pong"


The ball started out a little fast. It is supposed to start out slow and then speed up after every hit.

To Slow.

Pritty sure you heard this allready but the frame rate is kinda slow at fist I though it was just me and my eyes but even the bar moves frame by frame very noticable. Anyways Its just another pong game with dif fetatures from the original to catch audence attention anyways good job.

As pong games go... just fine.

However, you might have thought to up the frame rate to something decent... like 30... games that rely heavily on tracking motion are hard to play at the default 12 fps. You know... makes them less fun... thats not too good for games.

it could have been good, but...

It was nothing special. There are hundreds of other pong games on the internet, so this isn't really special, considering it's impossible to wim against the CPU (the ball does not change direction depending on where you hit it, and opponent never moves away from the ball). Improve your scripting skills and learn to use a higher frame rate to make a good game.


well it starts a bit fast and you cant get better than the original umm... kinda irritating axually..