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Reviews for "Collection 1"

really nice

in level 10 i lost my first life in level 12 i died

the guy walks so slow...
but its a beautiful game:)
make more of 'em

Not too bad..

It's pretty addictive.

Score = 1150 or sumthin, i forget

Pretty basic

Although the execution was great. The graphics were simple but definatly fit in with the game. The game itself was far too repetitive and a little reminicent of the Atari 2600 games.

I like the game...

Graphics can be better and if you had some kind of web based high score you will have a very good game

jimmy responds:

i would have liked to have a high score table.. but i didn't know how

I got 2145!

Then I quit. I wish he would move faster. But I loved this game even so.