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Reviews for "Collection 1"

Really Good (4)

I liked it except for the music, also the li'l guy could go faster! (A-) :D

Great job!

One problem... It slowed down when alot was in the screen.

Tip: Convert lines to fills helps optimize the swf.

Besides that... Great job! Queit a unique game you have there. Hope a second is being made ^^


never played a game like that be4! he could of moved a tiny bit faster though

Excellent Job but...

Why is everyone bragging about there scores? I mean those scores are ok but how bout we focus on the point of the review. Anyway I liked this game and think it should go on the front page cause it was well done and the creator did an excellent job.

BTW for ya'll they may think I probably just sucked at the game and that's why I wrote a review instead of posting a score. I got:

Score: 16483
Level: 18

Come on guys the solution is obvious on how to own.


Entertaining, fun, interactive, an enjoyable way to waste time.


Graphics: 7: the little guy makes me think of chip from Chip's challenge. if you don't know what that is, find an old 3.1 WinBox with the microsoft games pack installed...

Style: 10: old school game consisting of collecting randm objects for no apparent reason. I love it!

Sound: 6: music was great, but the little bouncing noises got a little on the irritating side after a while, kinda like jezz ball.

violence: 4: He can die by a spike ball. seems a violent death to me >=]

Interactivity: 10: well, it was...

Humor: 0: N/A, no humor

Overall: 9: good quality, well rounded game that is fun to play. make more. This one would be better if you were to clean up the borders and your little dude. all the collectables and spikes are fine.

Outstanding man. fairly original as well. Thanks!