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Reviews for "Collection 1"

i like it

1940, shit score but i enjoyed it

10450 Lvl 17

Not a bad game at all! Very charming concept. Maybe make it so the player can't stand on the portal... that makes it a lot easier considering that everything else bounces off it. You could just stand on the portal in some levels and keep picking up extra lives.

Where is that techno beat from? I'm 100% sure I've heard that somewhere before, like 4 years ago.


Not bad

Pretty good... I aslo like the music keep it up D00d

Not bad.

Seen this type of game before, but it has some clever question blocks and power ups (loved the one that switched all the enemies into crystals temporarily so you could clear part of the level up).

However, the main character moves incredibly slow and that by itself made the whole game feel kinda dull and sluggish. Play my Save The Ring! game for an idea of how quickly he should move and how it affects the gameplay.


awesome soundtrack and very very fun to play make a sequel and make it even better u know add some co-op or something. but overall its pretty good