Reviews for "craziness in a jar"


damn that movie was mean! ur the ultimate flash artist good job u must b from nz damn that as good


This is a front page metirial.
The graphics were great, I lked each and every drawing of the charecters and the objects.
The style was fantastic, I just love movies like that and I think that there should be more FBF movies like this one.
The sound was fabolous, I liked it, it was suitable for the movie.
It wasn't very violent, if it was, it would have hurt the style of the movie.
It wasn't very funny, if it was very funny, it would have hurt the style of this movie.
The only "bad" comment I have is that it was a bit too long, not something critic, but think about it in your next movie.

Great movie


Really cool.
I loved the FF7 refrence.

Good idea

I really liked your idea of mixing everthing! xD
The "handmade on a notebook" graphics are very good, enjoyed it too.
Keep making movies like that. :D

Nicely Done

nicely done jinx,
Good choice of music bleanded in nicely to the animations, can tell uve put alot of work into this flash, an i loved the crazy ideas you came out with, dragon flyin out of the monitor that was pretty cool.
hope to see alot more work form you in the furture. keep up the hard work bruv