Reviews for "craziness in a jar"

This rules.

This is an awesome movie. Good job.

Not smooth

It was not smooth at all. Make it a higher fps next time, and draw each frame a little closer together


This is a front page metirial.
The graphics were great, I lked each and every drawing of the charecters and the objects.
The style was fantastic, I just love movies like that and I think that there should be more FBF movies like this one.
The sound was fabolous, I liked it, it was suitable for the movie.
It wasn't very violent, if it was, it would have hurt the style of the movie.
It wasn't very funny, if it was very funny, it would have hurt the style of this movie.
The only "bad" comment I have is that it was a bit too long, not something critic, but think about it in your next movie.

Great movie


I gotta say one thing...

Try upping the frame rate... Its a shoe-in with frame-by-frame! ^^

not bad...not bad at all....

well im sorry to say ya got a bad taste in music (it drived me nuts) but ya did very well so and so a decent flash :)