Reviews for "craziness in a jar"

Not bad....

It was a pretty good movie...i had to stop for a minute to make sure i wasnt high or anything...cause with that little blob changing shapes every 3 seconds i was getting confumbled (confused i just wanted to make up a word that meant the same thing) but i like it other than it making me think i was high...keep up the good work dude

that was ok

it was pretty good not bad and why did you blow up seattle.

not too bad

it was ok, not too bad.... but not too great. your efforts were good though.

Tis es teh sux ( This Sucks )

Ten Reasons why not to watch this flash.

1.The Graphics are horrible
2. It has no plot
3. The music is annoying
4. It leads you in no direction at all
5. Its name is craziness in a jar
6. This style is plain
7. It only has 2 colors
8. No sound effects or voice
9. It isnt funny or violent
10. All of the above lead to total piece of shit!

Ten things needed to be done to this pathetic flash

1. Dont put on Newgrounds
2. Add storyline
3. Add meaning
4. Get different song or music
5. Change name
6. Add some originality
7. Add color
8. Add new sounds or voice
9. Lead it into drama, comdey, or action
10. Make it not suck



I think its OK. I mean the fact that i can watch a colorless random movie without getting bored means its an ok movie.I like the parrt with the dragon. Um it would be good if you put a " stop () ; " command on the frame which says "replay".