Reviews for "!!!JUMP AROUND!!! IX"

This review is for all 9.

I just finished watching all 9 of the Jump around movies... can you be any funnier?

If you can, please grind up the pure funny into a fine powder so that i may garnish my sandwiches with it.

It's about 3 am again. I haven't slept much recently. wow this review was weird...

GoldenClock responds:

go to sleep sweetie


you are a legend among legends, man. may jump around live forever. peace and hairgrease

GoldenClock responds:

ig ij

5th review of the !!!JUMP AROUND!!! Series...

Well...yup...I still hate it, and I don't get why anyone would like these movies (despite your responses from previous reviews).....So tell me, why did you do this again? How long are you going to continue to make these?.......-Gets very bored with GoldenClock-....Sooo....your job is 'a'?....Interesting and yet........not. By the way, I know I seem like i'm repeating myself; but once you finally make the last one of these !!!JUMP AROUND!!! things, i'll give a big, long collaboration on what I think of this series. See you at the 6th review GoldenClock!


GoldenClock responds:

You really put too many periods in your reviews. And you don't need to roleplay in them either.



i still dont understand why your still making these
you would think that 1 would be enough

GoldenClock responds:

not nearly


Just an exerpt from golden's review of "My Tear for London"

" This definately didn't deserve front page." "make sure you {can} draw" and "manefesting your emotions in this horrible, poorly-drawn, half-assed work isn't how you should have expressed yourself."

Seems like either have an insanely unbalanced ego, or you just feel that you don't need to follow your own advice. As far as your accusation that I take this too seriously, "hunny," I was mearly expressing my own personal opinion, something you may find quite often in reviews. If you can't take a little constructive criticism (And I could have chosen to take the non-constructive route,) don't be so shocked when people just give up and resort to pointless name calling and baseless blamming.

Take a second and consider that MAYBE someone is writing a genuine review for once. You seem to have a few of your own. And I hope that your next flash will contain content worthy of a thoughful review.

GoldenClock responds:

There is no irony in my statements, because I didn't make these cartoons to manifest my emotions. I made these out of boredom.

You really are taking things like this movie too seriously. When you write a long-winded review, using constructive criticism, for something that is a continuous loop of people dancing that was INTETNTIONALLY HORRIBLE, it shows that you're taking things too seriously, and feel that your intelligence is superior to the author's.

I wouldn't be talking about ego if I were you, hunny. <3 KISSES