Reviews for "{Dj-L}Nu-Style Hardstyle (WIP)"

It's alright

Reminds me vaguely of Basshunter for some reason... Weird...
With work this will be badass XD

Need to finish

I really like this song, it has a good kick/bass and a catchy melody.

Some things to improve the song

1. Make an intro/outro, something basic like a kick/clap and some kind of mini melody to start of the song.

2. The main melody is really good but it does not have that fat analogue that I was hoping for, most tracks like this have that crazy fat sawish lead, I am sure you can fix that with ease.

3. Kick sounds kind of muddy to me, kind like its been darkened. If you have a compressor on it, turn the compression off a bit.

4. Some minor sounds to add, add some loops, claps, reverb, delays, and some cool automation and you are set.

Other than that, great work and can't wait to hear more from you

5/5 - 6/10 - Will DL the full version


Meonly70 responds:

Thanks man. I'll try some of those.

1) Its a WiP so I never thought of making one.

2) I know exactly what to do, but would sound too generic, we'll see.

3) No sort of compression on it, needs more EQing.

4) In my WiPs I mostly just make a short intro, and introduce what would be the "Middle" of that song. So I have much to add.

Other than that i'm not really crazy about this song or melody. Its too generic, way too generic.

I have a full nustyle song you might like, My punishment, would love your review on that one if you ever get the chance to check it out.

its was ok

you are going in the right direction. buuut. the kick could have some work done. and a bit more effects. i like it overall though:)


Very, and by very, i mean VERY FUCKING amatuerish.
It has no real "buildup", and the climax is really shitty and boring.

I'm with Jimmymi

You can tell its supposed to be hardstyle, but its not a very catchy melody and barely has any build up