Reviews for "{Dj-L}Nu-Style Hardstyle (WIP)"


Nicely done, could use some work, not exactly sure what to add, besides length. :P


nice strong kick, the bass was good but i feel it could have been a little stronger, the synth is nice, good choice of sounds =] but at 0:43 that kick that comes in just doesn't seem to fit very well

Holy shit

This is just fucking amazing man.
You should really finish it.
Also, the beginning sounds like Megaman
Which is awesome


this is a great track keep up the good work

Meonly70 responds:

Thank you.


u are like every where on tecno, do u like submit everyday or sumthing?

Meonly70 responds:

Lmao, no. I submit occasionally, and when i do, i try to make it good :)