Reviews for "{Dj-L}Nu-Style Hardstyle (WIP)"

I'm with Jimmymi

You can tell its supposed to be hardstyle, but its not a very catchy melody and barely has any build up

It's alright

Reminds me vaguely of Basshunter for some reason... Weird...
With work this will be badass XD


Very, and by very, i mean VERY FUCKING amatuerish.
It has no real "buildup", and the climax is really shitty and boring.

its was ok

you are going in the right direction. buuut. the kick could have some work done. and a bit more effects. i like it overall though:)

Hardstyle rocks and you rock so.......

A ten for you! Keep making good songs like this, i gave this a five so you owe me haha.