Reviews for "Alkie Kong"

Kick Ass!!!!!

Great!!!!!!! This submission should be forever be honored in the games section of newgrounds for all to enjoy.

I agree with Mousee.

I conquer.

Had it with this stupid garbage

It was alright, i was really wonderin what the ending was, the game had bugs with barrels n chainsaws but i didnt mind too much. Basically you had my inturest. then came level 26, the stupidest thing i had ever encountered in a game in my life. you combined stupid garbage, with a waste of my time, to create a level where you have to wait 6 goddamn hours for a stupid platform to get to you, then when it DID get to you, you would jump on just to get hit by a stupid barrel at somepoint. Great game for a bit, if you make another with stupid garbage like level 26, i hope you get shot in the face, because anyone who liked this is either incredibly stupid, or never got to level 26.

Forget these n00bs!

I don't care what anybody says man, you've got a quality game. And obviously the NG guys agree with me because they put it on the front page. Way to go on this one.

Oh, and those people who think this game sucks cuz it's too hard? Obviously they're 12 year olds who've never even seen a nintendo or earlier system and have no concept of what "hard" means with respect to video games.


I dont know how u made front page, this is crap. I know it's a rip of Donkey Kong, so i expect bad game play, that's why this game is easy to beat. wut im disapointed in is how u besmirched the name of DK. This is just the result of a parting frat boy who acts like an asshole, u know...the one guy no one invited? Give it more plot, less whores, and harder liquor then keg beer and ill give u a score thats at least a positive number.