Reviews for "Alkie Kong"

Tight game and very challenging

Very tight game plus very challenging games like this make it more fun, and this is a very good remake of DK and it has very good gameplay. This is also a good game to play while your bored.


this game was way to hard for me i couldnt get passed the 3rd level, maybe its because i never played the original DK! so for the newbs u should tone it down a lil!

nice dude

I'm playin "hard"
and leven 24 is being a bitch XD
it's pretty easy though.
but good time waster :)
I will give you a 4


You cant throw the chainsaw up climb at ladder and catch it like in the original DK, you can't do the special jump, and you can get hit when the barels nowhere near hitting you. Complete waste of time...

DK is good

But the collision detection in this is more or less, bullshit.

Fix the collision detection and it will be awesome, but I can only take so much hanging under ladders and getting hit by barrels that are no where near me before I get pissed off.