Reviews for "Alkie Kong"

aaa... lame... :]

i hate this game!! :D:D:D:D


Well this was different, you be ruining DKs reputation! Heh, love the game though, simple and insanely entertaining, hehe, keep up the great work!



Eh, what can I say? It's ok, but no where near as cool as the suckers who praise it is say it is. I thig they're just too scared to say what's on their mind...well I'm not. The game is BAD, plain and sinple. now REAL Donkey Kong game was AMAZING. LOVED IT, but this...well if you're turly desperate,and if there's noting else better to do then you can click on this POS and give it a whirl but after 2.5 seconds you'll wish you hadn't and just close it out like I did.

lvl 27 hard

Nice job remaking the game, much harder then the original.
Maybe too hard?

Overall a great game, well put together.
I loved almost all of the characteristics of this game
the crappy graphics really brought back the feel of the old DK.

Any advice for 27?

This kicks ass.

How i loved the original Donkey Kong but Alkie Kong is so much better (much harder too) gotta love Alkie Kong. =D