Reviews for "Alkie Kong"

Only one word can describe this...


it was cool

there was one problem, sometimes when i press space to start the level, the game skips a level insted, so i kept pressing space to get to level 12. what's with that? otherwise, it was great.

Sassafrass petticoat bogwrangler.

This is the best flash on this website. needs more teats, tho.

Good Job Dude

It's A Weird parody of the DK game, at first I thought it was another boring game like NG is full of but I couldn't click the close buttton, something told me to keep playing this weird shit and I kept playing till like lv 15. I stopped cause I needed a Beer =S.

Good job guys The Star Wars Mini Game Made Me Laugh So Hard Rofl.!!!!

Ng Drunks > non.. ng drunks.

This game kicks so much ass. I can't wait to get home and play it the way it should be played, after 10 b33rs. Thanks for making this sweet game, I can't get enough of playing with _altr_.