Reviews for "Alkie Kong"


if u liked the oringal donkey kong than u will love this game

Simple, yet classic. :3

I really enjoyed this game a lot - it brings me back to the good ol' days of simple platformer goodness that were games like Mario Bros or Donkey Kong.

The controls are extremely simple as was the actual gameplay, which makes the game really fun and playable by anyone.

The level designs are rather creative, with the first stage being what I assume to be a clever homage to the first stage of Donkey Kong.

The music - although repetitive - sounds really nice; something I can sit back and relax to. Actually, it isn't the type of music one gets bored of after hearing it over and over (at least to me anyway), which is a big plus.

The difficulty curve after the completion of each stage is what I believe to one of the better aspects of the game. It is also the element that makes classic arcade titles what they are.

Overall: The style, smooth gameplay, simple controls, challenge, and music makes this a must-play title for the hardcore old-school arcade players (especially those who love challenges). For those who aren't familiar with this stule of gameplay, this game can help introduce to them a genre that is almost forgotten/unknown by those of the new generation. Great work on a great game! A 10/10. :D


Its pretty good, an exact copy of the Atari Mario game, besides the new levels but whatev. Its not fair that u can't jump over the flame guys, but other than that its a good game.


not bad

Heheh,great game

But minus one because when i hit the spacebar to play level 5,it skipped to level 6.
But,it kept me laughing,and,it was really fun.=)