Reviews for "Alkie Kong"

wtf is this piece of hellspawn?

i must agree with dumple. this is not all that entertaining and just a drunken knock of of a game that was shitty to begin with. if you want to play it fine thats your problem. next time, try making somthing that DOESN'T suck total ass. i mean the levels were too easy even on hard,and it was not all that funny. why not spend your time better doing somthing like, not making this.

mixed review

i found much to touch up on in your submission. First of all, i don't like alkaline trio (the common term that i would use amongst my friends would be "sucks balls", but that is an innapropriate term here as i simply do not like the genre of music that they make even though i respect their work) but i'm a big fan of donkey kong and i loved your rendition of it, but there were many glitches. first of all, i found myself skipping levels here and there, either after i died or before i started a new level (there was one point in time where i skipped 5 consecutive levels). i also occasionally would walk through the kegs. even if i hadn't been able to overcome these glitches, i'm sure i would have beaten these levels on the easy difficulty as they seemed to get progressively easier. another thing that bothered me was the first keg being thrown straight into the fire no matter what. Shigeru Mayamoto, Donkey Kong's creator, did not have that first keg thrown merely for it to become an angry keg-on-fire that could somehow climb ladders. he was trying to kill mario and it happened to go into the fire. your keg went right the fuck through me. all in all, i think you have something real special going, but there are just a few holes along the way...


This is amusing and I like the style. I only got as far as the second level where I see the layout gets a little more interesting. I'm afraid I didn't think it was worth my time to keep replaying the first level to try and get father though. (I played that enough when I was a kid.) Also easy mode seems to be broken, it takes you back to the intro.


Combining Donkey Kong action with random b33rness is a recipe for success. Best thing this month. Music is cracking, looks good, comical and plays well.

I never liked the original...but

I love it! between the chick moaning and the level titles I was laughing so hard I could barely play. Great action script too. That was hot.