Reviews for "Alkie Kong"


Ugh! 30 seconds of playing and I've had enough for the rest of my life

simply terrible

a bad fucking remake. i played hard and easy, and i could barely get CLOSE to the fucker on top. plus, in the REAL one, when you got the chainsaw (or whatever) you could throw it above ladders. this just fucking blows.


it was a good idea but the toggle buttons dont all work and the music gets annoying after a while. could use a bit of revision also on how fast those barrels come at you...i had 6 lined up to kick my ass once before i could get to a chainsaw

Hit detection is all wrong.

Barrels that you jump over kill you, barrels that fall near you kill you, barrels that pass over your head without hitting you kill you. Good idea, decent execution, hit detection ruins it.


it was pretty good i enjoyed it , keep up with the good work