Reviews for "Alkie Kong"

the game is ok, but the music is really hypnotic per se...different, but overall one of a kind.


ok not to good

bad graphic

sorry but this not cool
good psychogoldfish make the 2 andthe 2 is verry awsome!

Not great

But not bad either.
It definetly dosen't have a lot of originality to it.
Plus the graphics needed some improvement.
But for the most part it's a nice game.

Just wanted.

Just wanted to play this because I know Alkie Kong 2 is out so I just wanted to see if Alkie Kong 1 was any fun, and it is fun. The gameplay is basic, the controls are simple, and the graphics are 8bit, which is my favorite kind of graphics :). The music repeats, but I dont pay much mind to that, because im too busy having fun. Overall this was pretty good. so 9/10 4/5