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Reviews for "Tiem Magazine #1"

normally i dont like the clock crew

but this just sucked it wasnt even an animation
so keep your magezine within your club and not in the portal

Tiem responds:

Your flies are open.

u suck

ok this took a million and a half years to load so stop with the stupid huge things ok this is u I HATE YOU

Tiem responds:

What? Come on now little man, there's no need to be irrate. Let's be friends.

Normally I don't like the clock crew....

This was actually really creative. It was also very well written. It's the first thing from the clock crew that I actually like. Good job.

Tiem responds:

Cheers. Sorry about the bad quality, Newgrounds automatically resized my movie and it's too small now.

Are you kidding?

This is all just a bunch of stolen images. PLUS, if this really was done by you, you know nothing of video games, fanboy.

Tiem responds:

These images aren't stolen, silly. This is the property of the clockcrew, everything was made by the clockcrew.

good idea

that was well animated, well written with some good ideas. nice job

Tiem responds: