Reviews for "War of the Worlds Pt3"


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keep it going guys.


Your style is awesome man. The eyes fuck with my head! More more more!

Gerkinman responds:

The japanese that eyes are the window to your soul.

pretty kewl

yeh okay movie dude i watched da movie but i never red the book screw readin lool anyway pretty cool cant wait till 5 so i can see people dying i like yo animation as well it was cool r u from australia cos i am i live in perth

Gerkinman responds:

haha, i know some guys from Perth ^^


it was alright but not as funny as i hoped but still very funny. i have just one question when will you make Gerkinman 6?

Gerkinman responds:

Gerkinman 6 is in production as we speak, it will be the FINAL Gerkinman episode concluding the series.


lol quote "what the @*&^ are you on about that was funny