Reviews for "War of the Worlds Pt3"

This was great!

I remember you from SheezyArt. Man, with this skill, it makes me wonder why you are at Sheezy. But anyways, back to the movie. I really, really enjoyed it. Your backgrounds and character graphics are great, and I like the fact that you gave each character a general personality that suited their looks. I also liked the music, and that one part with the dancing stickmen. It reminded me of the past 50 movies that were blammed. I also liked the style of an old movie. Definetly going into my favourites. Great job, as usual!!


Gerkinman responds:

everyone loves stick movies, thats why they always get blammed lol

great flash

needs blood lots of blood!!!! muhahahahahaha...!!!1

Gerkinman responds:

You can never have to much blood lol


Good Job:)
Always liked the style he had in the way you produce your top quality flash. You always have the humorous jokes and always have jokes to uhhh back up your lame jokes:P The graphics were really good and I loved everything about the movie. The music went with the graphics and I guess the mood of the movie. The idea of the movie was smart, brilliant and stupid in a funny and good way. I loved the idea of a story being told and it give one of those old classical black and white experience to the viewers as well. The movie was a little short if I say so myself but this still deserves top marks:) I got a new favourite movie now yay! No it's not about mustard! Awesome job as usual Gerkinman and I can not wait for the next installments for the thrilling: War of thr Worlds! Rar? Lol....

Overall: 10/10
Rarrrrrrrrrr.... grrrrrrrr


Gerkinman responds:

NOw thats a review, glad you enjoyed it ^^


i...i-i.......i-i-i.i n-n-neeeed more! More! MOre! MORe! MORE!!! (btw i like the "squish whith rock parts"! :D

Gerkinman responds:

everybody likes seeing people get squished =D

that was rell boring

that was the most boring what 4 minutes kind of funny tho but come on man i want to see something blow up you did a great job on the anamation tho i liked it try adding a better story line to the next instale ment. were the spose to have strong accnets the voice was kind of hard to hear but under standable

Gerkinman responds:

People will start dieing real soon dont worry :P