Reviews for "War of the Worlds Pt3"

Ha! Funnier that the previous episodes!

Great job on this movie! I think this is my favourite part so far. The first one was perhaps a little boring but its gotten so much better since then, more exciting as well. Anyways its great to see some hmuour in this, while having a great plot and story.

The graphics are great and i was very close to giving a 9 for them. Its just that the animation wasnt 9/10 material at some parts, like the blood from the people crushed with the rock. Other than that the drawings were superb, impressive as always. And i still like that "old movie" style you do when hes telling the story. Your overall style in this movie was pretty damn good. Your animating style is very nice, but not only that. The story is great and the progression in this episode was well done. Also the input of a lot of humour never hurts! Great sound as well, i love your voice acting, though its tough to explain why. I guess its because there is good characterization in the voices?! Well them music is cool and the audio quality topped everything off nicely. Now to humour which was a big surprise for me. I wasnt really expecting any but i got some and im happy i did. I laughed at some of those jokes. Kinky Alien Sex Toys LOL!

Overall a job well done and my favourite part so far in the series. I cant wait for the next one, and please dont end in a cliff hanger again! LOL 4/5

Gerkinman responds:

The fact that not much happened in this chapter of the book allowed me to focus on things like jokes.


i fuckin hate when something gets good and then it something like "to be continued" or something related to it

make the next one soon plz!!!!!!!!!!!1

Gerkinman responds:

and it always happens at the worst time doesnt it lol


Fiven biatch =D

Gerkinman responds:

hurray for teh fife =D

pretty kewl

yeh okay movie dude i watched da movie but i never red the book screw readin lool anyway pretty cool cant wait till 5 so i can see people dying i like yo animation as well it was cool r u from australia cos i am i live in perth

Gerkinman responds:

haha, i know some guys from Perth ^^

lol i thought it was funny

You killed the same guy like twice the same way, i cant believe he didn't see it coming either time

Gerkinman responds:

If you look closey youll see one is just a boy where as the other is a paper deilvery boy.