Reviews for "War of the Worlds Pt3"

I was expecting something else

I read the novel a long time ago and this is not what I got from it. The story is supposed to be a tragety about human loss and suffering...not comedy. Your animation is good and your sound quality is also very good and you deffinitly have talent with making flash movies, that much is clear, I'm simply not a fan of the direction your taking the story in. This episode seemed to me like a waste of time, like I was really just waiting for something to happen and by the time it was about to the movie was over. Keep trying though I guess

Gerkinman responds:

Based on the chapter "On Horsell Common" in the book all that happens is a bunch of locals gather around the cylinder. And its a parody of the book, not an series piece, theres enough serious war of the worlds movies out there as it is i think.

I love this movie

You good flash maker make part 4 soon. thanks =)

Gerkinman responds:

i will as soon as i can.

The outlines are black agian! Hurray! =D

I liked the new eyes. =D
And since nothing actually happened in this chapter of the book it seems you managed to put alot more jokes in it. Oh, the madness XD


Gerkinman responds:

The madness doesnt start till next time :P

Pretty cool.

Pretty funny. Your style has improved greatly, and I really like the way it's all animated. Not all of the jokes are dried up like a lot of flash movies have them, and after seeing all of the different types of War of the Worlds, this is pretty good.

Gerkinman responds:

I aint no Spieldberg tho :(


it was alright but not as funny as i hoped but still very funny. i have just one question when will you make Gerkinman 6?

Gerkinman responds:

Gerkinman 6 is in production as we speak, it will be the FINAL Gerkinman episode concluding the series.