Reviews for "War of the Worlds Pt3"

Better than part 2!

YAY. It was longer but still short (probably cos stuff uploads quicker on 56k)... Still funny though. Can't wait for the aliens to come into it!!! This is a pretty awesome series so far... can't wait to see the full thing XD.

Gerkinman responds:

It was short because the chapter of the book was short :P


Your actually protraying one of my favorite books, and those two guys are the one from the story! That's cool and i can't wait for more!

Gerkinman responds:

Its a good book, isnt it ^^


that was funneh. u rulez GERKINMAN!

Gerkinman responds:

i know i does ;)

Made in China

Man i loved the part were he's going on about the un earthly metal, its small stuff like that that makes this series so great. I really like the way you portray H.G. wells novel in a humerouse way, that stays so true to the book. Keep Them Coming

Gerkinman responds:

Presenting his stories as a comedy is really really hard to do o.0

read me

graphics-the graphics were cartoony and weird but pretty good which makes 8
sound-the sound was great and kool so makes a 9
interactivity-well there was none so i'de give it a 0
violence-preety good violence good enough blood so thats a 9
style-the style has to do entirly with the humor so its a 10
humor-greatly hilarious thats the main part of the movie it made me laugh a lot

Gerkinman responds:

The menu is interactive lol
Thanks for the 10 man ^^