Reviews for "War of the Worlds Pt3"

Did Not Like...


Gerkinman responds:

If you dont like a movie the least you could do is write down the reason why. Saying its crappy doesnt help anyone.

it was ok.

looks like all my five do belong to this parody.

That was good =)

I like your animation style, and especially the way you move eves around peoples heads, it makes me crack up XD
Only one bad-ish thing was that sometimes the volume was a bit low, but apart from that, it was good.
Can't wait for part four.
P.S are you actually gonna make 27 episodes? or are you just going to combine a few?

Gerkinman responds:

yes there will be 27 full episodes ;)

its that u gerkinman? wow

dude ur the god of comedy man the god of comedy u must be the best best of the best but the movie hmmm it was cool man but make some of matrix u rock doing matrix flash ha

Gerkinman responds:

im over the matrix and you should be too :P

nice very nice

i like it, but i think the only thing that could be better is moving arms and legs faster, it's like all the arms and legs are moving in slowmotion,

all the rest is pretty good!

Gerkinman responds:

the world works in slow motion ;)