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Reviews for "Toccata"


This is truly professional work!

Excellent work.

This piece is excellent work. I find it simply amazing... for me as a percussionist, I find myself drawn to things like this because of the difference of it. I love the work of the suspenseful violins and the accents of the oboe and bassoon.... the melodies within this piece are simply amazing.

The chord changes also add to a suspenseful feeling as well. This is definately something that shall go onto my iPod... and I will share it with my friends... and I shall rate it 5/5, 10/10. A million gold stars for you.

I clapped at the end along with the crowd.

Simply spectacular.

~ H.B.

robomanus responds:

I don't know what to say :D Thx alot man! :D


It's like this site read my mind of what I like (yes!)! Simply a great performance! So dramatic, and melodious (sorry for misspellings). Sometimes I do regret leaving my school's orchestra... :(... but I still enjoy listening to classical music! Again, wonderful piece!


This is great. You had the fortunate honor to have a good group of instrumentalists play your music, that's hard to find sometimes.

Due to the 8 piece orchestration, it has a Final Fantasy feel to it. Especially in the way it was engineered. The writing overall had some various feelings in it that make me feel the same. At times it goes back to a more classical vibe.

The strings are REALLY good. Those guys actually know their vibrato.

Excellent writing job. Not sure if I could've done anything close to this complex, but who knows.

robomanus responds:

Thank you for good words. The instrumentalists were my friends from music school and yeah, they are professional. I hope that I will record more pieces with them. Thx for review :D


This Blew My Mind! I Was In Suspense!This Glued My Ears To the headphones cause i cant stop listening to it.
i would like to collaborate with you message me at djsos202@hotmail.com
5/5 10/10 Favorited