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Reviews for "Toccata"


A stunning composition...my favorite part is the one starting around 3:16.
It certainly deserves the best score here, but some transitions didn't convince me completely, undermining the piece's overall coherence. It would've been fine if there were definite movements, but as it is it still felt a bit disconnected. Obviously it's just my opinion. On an unrelated note, i would've liked a bolder climax in there, but that's my personal preference.


Weather you made it or not its still a beautiful piece, kudos if you did make it though! ^__^

robomanus responds:

Don't believe people who say that I haven't made it myself. I created this piece in a month writing a score. Thx for comment :)


NICE INCOME! But really dude u need to u know make ur own stuff not make this faster.

robomanus responds:

Lol. This piece is work of mine and I made every single note MYSELF. I am the author of this piece and I've created this whole composition. If you think that I made faster some other songs just tell me the title of them. Every idea of this piece is mine and all corprights belong to me. Everyone who thinks different just tell me the name of song I copied.


Glad to see it is rated high here.

robomanus responds:

Thank you :)

Wow this was great...

My only nitpicking comments would be that it didn't really feel like a "toccata" to me, but that's neither here nor there.

The vocal entrance was a little on the surprising side.

That's all I got though, this was fantastic.

robomanus responds:

The first title was "Scherzo". But it's in 4/4 :) Scherzo should be in 3/4. Thx for review :D