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Reviews for "Toccata"


If you are just, only Eighteen, then I can see a VERY bright future for you, if you keep up with your composing, as this piece is really, really good.

I find it really beautiful, good job! -- I can't wait to hear more of your compositions.


Favourite; Song & Author.

P.S: I am sure that I used to know someone by the name of Nolan go to a Music School in Lodz - Poland... Hm... Nevertheless, I can't wait to hear more!


This is probably one of the best live recordings ive heard here on newgrounds. Composition wise its not flawless but its jaw dropping, and it definately inspired me.

what music school do you go to and what year are you, because im at arizona state in the composition school and I just started i hope I can even come close to something that good

keeps it up 5/5, 10/10, favorite

robomanus responds:

Thank you for good words :) I go to music school in Lodz, Poland and I'm 18 :D I'm working on some new compositions now, but they goes slowly. I have main idea, but everything in my mind now. However I will write everything soon. Thx for comment :)

Love it...

Like the guy below me, i also imagined a place and situation, but mine was far too different, just imagine, the society being conducted to its end, by the hands of experts , guiding us by the way they want us to go; nowhere to run, all is in ruins, the sky has a scarlet color, but in the edge of destruction, we all unite, we uncover the lies, and so... a little kid is looking for her doll, when the soldiers came marching, faster , and faster, the poor kid, doesnt find her doll, she just wants to make her way home with her doll, and in the second the soldiers almost reach the kid, a guy comes from nowhere , and saves the poor kid, after a bloody fight to protect her, and says: run!, you are young, you will change the future!!!!. while the guards kill him , a tremendous peace roses the skyes, then the little kid looks up to the sky and sees her last sunshine, and everything ends with a boom. THE END, hehehehe
i was kinda inspired heheheh xDD

Amazing piece

When I listen to this, I think of... a hero exploring a dark spooky castle looking for perhaps a princess to save or a vampire lord to slay. Very imaginative, I know. hahaha.

Very dramatic and stylish piece. Love it. :3


im a redular to the audio portal but... i never stumbled across anything lik ethis. keep this up and you could go places!!!!!!