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Reviews for "Toccata"


YES!!! 8 minutes of Classical goodness!! Longest piece i've heard on Newgrounds. PLEASE make more long ones, like this. Thank you, for these great works...!!~

i always love tour music

it is some of the best on newgrownds
continue with your music i think u will go very far with it

robomanus responds:

Thanks :)


Very wonderful piece of work! The reiterations are handled with utmost care resulting to an interesting idea (from a germ to a whole musical thought).

I enjoyed it a lot however I find it odd for this piece to have a voice chorus at the last section. I think it would be better if the voice chorus are not included in the score. Is there a way to edit the applause? I think this piece deserves louder applause than the applause this track has. : )

Very Good Track over all. My 10 stars deserves it! 10/10, 5/5


This is an incredibly epic and and awesome piece. It is so awesome that I am giving it 10/10 and 5/5 despite the fact that you used finale.

I really enjoyed this piece! :)

This piece develops gracefully under certain motives and subjects that you established at the very beginning of the piece. You utilize the expressive elements of every instruments in a way that helps the piece. (Instead of hindering it!)

I love the chromatic descending lines throughout the piece. It gives the work a classical, dark feeling. (No different from the masters of these techniques such as Beethoven or Mozart!)

The orchestration is also excellent. The dark cellos bring a brooding feeling, and the woodwinds accentuate this. Each string or woodwind section transfers from one thought to another seamlessly.

The only complaint I have is the performance itself. It sounds as though some of the instrumentalists are not listening to one another as they play. I would remind your performers next time to treat this piece as a chamber work and really pay attention to one another, as well as themselves in terms of pitch and melodic content.

Great job! I can't wait to hear more! ^_^