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Reviews for "Toccata"

Beyond words

This is a great piece. It almost sounds to me like there's an underlying sense of sorrow, urgency, or foreboding throughout most of it. I've tried composing, and I must say, it does not compare. I can see, in the future, that you will be recognized as one of the world's greatest composers, as Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart are now. Maybe even greater.

Has Danny Elfman heard this yet??????

Def. sounds like something he'd do for a classier setting in a tim burton film. It's really good. Like the added syncopation. Def. liked the 20th century fell you gave a few times near the end. You have the Toccata form down pretty well, just be creful it doesn't get redundant. That's something I struggle with and I know I have an issue getting over it, but not only will it make the piece even more interesting, it will make it shorter, which is usually a plus to listeners (attention spans, yay!!!) Great work!


I'm in awe. This is amazing. I don't browse the classical section of the audio portal too often but I have yet to hear a composition like this. All I can say is keep up the wonderful work.

Oh. My. God.

How have I never found your music before?! This is simply AMAZING! Astounding! Bravo, good sir, you are the first person on Newgrounds whom I can say truly puts the "class" in classical! This is fantastic and I would see your music in concert, any time.

Again, wonderful job, and I look forward to more submissions from you!



There are few people who can write good classical music... be it Romance or Modern, it is like a language that few have power over. You are one of those few. Many who would try to write similar would produce music that is not comparable to the work of a Maestro... I'll say this flat and with much support... you ARE a Maestro. The work put into the music is simply the most and finest. Even if this song had poor quality instraments, it would still be beautiful... that is because of your workmanship.

The one thing I love is the repetition of the theme and the dramatic spacing of the 'hits'.

Keep the compositions flowing!