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Reviews for "Toccata"


Well written, well played. It is a very interesting piece, it's follows a specific story, with the music mimicking the actions, like something out of Tom and Jerry cartoon.

robomanus responds:

Thx for review. I though about adding a story to this, but I decided not to do it. Let people create their own vision :D

pretty incredible

I love the sense of urgency it creates, very cinematic.

robomanus responds:

Thx a lot man! :D


well deserved

robomanus responds:

Thx, but If it's so excellent so why 9? If you find some time, send me a PM and tell me what you don't like. Thx for review :D

Nice surprise ;)

I've read the score while listening and it's very professional. Good melody, but very remarkable is the way you worked with the volume, that's something which is forgotten very often. Primarily in sequenced pieces.
So, good that it's a live recording.
And it's also great that you used the instruments' possibilities, for example the "slide" in bar 162.

Very good, you've earned my respect!

robomanus responds:

Thank you very much for review. I'm always happy when I see people that have some musical experience. Their opinion is always important to me so I'm happy too, when I see it's positive. If you want to perform it or If you know someone who wants to, just PM me and I will give you parts. Thx again for rview :D

Damn. Double damn.

Check my inbox after being away for a while, and I'm sent to this...

I guess Newgrounds really DOES tread new ground!

I'm impressed, it's so beautiful!