Reviews for "blueclue's clue"

Come on, this is pretty funny.

I love Blues Clues. I've seen every episode, the movie, and Blues Room.

But even I have to admit this is nice, especially for its time.

I give it a 7 though because it seemed too random. It would have been better if it were more like Doom, or if you could cause more reactions. Plus how and why did the house blow up? Why did their heads blow off?

But considering the time, I'll excuse this.


need i say more?


But overall quite satisfying.

Wow guys don't be so harsh

This is a great game considering it was uploaded 10 years ago, and back then Joe wasn't even there so chill out.

Not too good

Ok this game was good not too good because I remember watching Blue's clues when I was little by the way I want to kill Joe not Steve because Steve is awesome and Joe sucks! So this game was good not too good though.