Reviews for "Drakirball Z"

First off...

Great job once again and 2)I agree with the guy below me, you don't know music even if you listened to it for one second FFAAGG00t! How dare you not like kirbopher's music!

pretty cool

this is pretty neat. how many people helped you do this or did you record yourself doing each party by itself then put them together?

P.S. FFAAGG00T shut the hell up. you dont know crap.

Great as always

I was impressed by this and it used the same kind of sound effects you always used. I was at first trying to understand what it had to do with "Dragonball Z", but then it sounded more like it as time went on. Yeah, I was a fan of that show just as you probably were. It's amazing how many things you can do just by saying "da da" over and over. This worked nice as a cute little tribute to a great anime series. I hope you had as much fun making this as I did listening to it.


This takes some talent. You are freakin amazing. Keep doin awesome stuff like this and of course all those epic flashes! : )


Some pretty B.A. Tunes you are crankin' out. Any reasons?